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The late Saudi visionary and entrepreneur, Sheikh Abdul Latif Jameel, founded the
business Abdul LatifJameel in 1945. Just ten years later, became the sole distributor
of Toyota vehicles in Saudi Arabia. A responsibility that the group has been honored
to maintain since then.


In 1969, Abdul Latif Jameel diversified, expanding its services to include real estate, and then consumer finance and general trading activities in the 1970s. Anticipating changes in our customer demand for financial support, Abdul Latif Jameel began to provide consumer finance products in 1972 and formally through United Installment Sales (UIS) in 1979.

By the early 1980s, the Abdul Latif Jameel Group was reorganized to focus on its core services, which include:

  • Automobiles
  • Consumer Financing

Abdul Latif Jameel Co Ltd., the lead management company of the group was formally constituted in 1980 Since then, the company has expanded significantly both in Saudi Arabia and internationally.

The group Activities is not limited to Saudi Arabia, but also expanded and extended to 11 countries around the world “Japan – China – Singapore – Germany – England – Monaco – Turkey – Algeria – Morocco – Egypt – Saudi Arabia – United Arab Emirates “- and others – all of them shined by the name of Abdul Latif Jameel as a leader in the field of automotive While serving his own customers he is focusing on the After-Sales services that based on world-class system for spare parts and maintenance – and service auto finance the acquisition of the vehicle to be easy and facilitator….


The Abdul Latif Jameel Group has placed the customer first as its defining policy. Customers are known as guests and treated as if they were guests in their own homes. They endeavor to be innovative and flexible in order to meet the demanding requirements of their guests worldwide and they pledge to continue to make changes and improvements, in order to meet their guests’ needs.

All associates share the common vision and have committed themselves to continuously and sustainably delighting the guests.


Community services programs are among the most important initiatives adopted by major companies and corporations through several and diversified activities and events. In recent years, the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has spread widely. Since its inception in 1945, Abdul Latif Jameel Co. Ltd has been seeking to strengthen CSR concept since the early efforts of Sheikh Abdul Latif Jameel, may Allah rest him in peace, who actively contributed to different social programs.

In 2003, ALJ established the Community Service Programs as the key focus for its community investment, supporting initiatives and projects that align with new job opportunities for young entrepreneurs

Abdul Latif Jameel in Egypt:

The United International Trading Company (UIT)

In 1999, ALJ established the United International Trading Company as its first footprint in the Egyptian automotive market. It has been specialized from the first day in providing direct Consumer Financing programs that allowed the Egyptian consumer to finance his car directly with the car dealership which was unprecedented in the automotive field in Egypt.

In 2001 the company expanded its share in the value chain in Egypt’s automotive retail sector and became an authorized dealer for top brands nationwide.

In 2013 the company decided to redefine its business model and decided to focus purely on the Consumer Finance business selling through a wide base of authorized non-captive dealerships in Cairo and Alexandria, aiming for the top position in the Consumer Finance field in Egypt by 2017. On its way to the top, UIT launched its brand “El-Mobasher”, or “Direct” reflecting its key selling proposition in terms of transparency, lean process and the fastest approval time in Egypt. Since then, the company’s sales is growing monthly and proving it is on the right track.


In 2006 Abdul Latif Jameel Group launched its second subsidiary in Egypt “Daihatsu Misr co LTD” as the sole Distributor of the Japanese brand – Daihatsu, a Group member of Toyota Motor Corporation specialized in compact city cars, known for its quality, durability and efficiency.


In August 2009, ALJ launched its 3rd company in Egypt, ALJICO Misr, for the purpose of representing Hino Motors in Egypt. Hino, the leading Japanese Trucks builder, a Group member of TOYOTA Motor Corporation, Since its launch Hino could gain the confidence of big fleet operators in various sectors, whether the private or the Government ones. ALJICO Misr was up to the challenge to devise the Sales and after sales setup that could cater to the special requirements of the fleet customers and their operational needs.


Here came the time where ALJ can really show its real potential in Egypt. In order to expand its presence and strengthen the connection with its clients, ALJ launched the Giant Ford Brand under the name of ALJ Auto Jameel LLC, as a new business in March 2014 through an elegant celebration attended by a large numbers of elites & well-known businessmen. The celebration was aired live on You Tube and covered by different media (TV channels, newspapers & Magazines)

With the astute management, lean organization, ALJ Auto Jameel focused on the delivery of the brand tagline “Go Further”. It started to deploy its entry strategy by building the infrastructure around ALJ’s unique power in After sales and Consumer Finance.

With “El-Mobasher” as the consumer finance arm, and with the development of the new “Ford exchange” trade-in program, and building on its base of loyal customers, Auto Jameel LLC is pushing for an impressive startup that would bring Ford to a top 3 position in the Egyptian market by 2017.

Auto Jameel opened its captive facilities in strategic locations offering outstanding services to its guests. Additionally, it expanded the coverage across Egypt through its network of premium non-captive dealerships.

As a major step forward in business development strategy, Auto Jameel will build its new Ford 3S facility with world class standards in Abu Rawash to be inaugurated in September 2014.