Where imagination becomes reality.
EcoSport is new, Different, Imaginative, Designed from the ground up with driving fun in mind. Smaller, more maneuverable and – with a responsive 1.5L petrol engine and a choice of manual or automatic transmissions – more fuel-efficient than conventional sport utility vehicles.

In tune with you

Voice-activated Ford SYNC®1 helps you stay connected wherever your EcoSport takes you. With SYNC, there's no more searching for your phone. No device on your ear. Once paired, SYNC recognizes your phone and automatically transfers your contacts to support voice calling. SYNC even lets you continue your mobile phone conversation as you get into your EcoSport - without the need to hang up - because the system instantly connects to your phone once you start the car. It also plays music from your phone, MP3 or USB.

Made to measure

Driving along narrow city streets can be a daunting proposition in a conventional sport utility vehicle. This is precisely where EcoSport is designed to excel. In addition to its compact dimensions and commanding view out, EcoSport also comes with the advantage of electric power-assisted steering (EPAS). EPAS delivers full power for effortless maneuvering at parking speeds, and steadily weights up for optimum comfort and feel once you're on the move.

Ford KeyFree System

The handy KeyFree System enables you to lock and unlock the doors and luggage compartment, or start the engine, without removing keys from your pocket or handbag.


Making a sport utility vehicle aerodynamic is a challenge. This is why the EcoSport design team spent 160 hours in a wind tunnel tweaking a millimeter here and a millimeter there to optimize airflow. And it is why they spent a further 10,000 hours on computational fluid dynamics to find the perfect silhouette. This meticulous attention to detail has resulted in a drag coefficient of only 0.37, helping EcoSport slip through the air with fuel-saving efficiency.


Even roads you travel every day will look different in the EcoSport. It seats you higher so you can see more of what's going on around you. Who knows what you might discover on the way?

The EcoSport is sized to fit easily in crowded cities. But it still gives you plenty of space inside. Fold-down the 60:40 rear seats and you get 705 liters of space in the back. That's big enough to fit a 560-litre washing machine. Keep one of the split rear seats up and fold the other down to fit in people and different-shaped objects.

It's what you don't see lying around that says a lot about the EcoSport's interior design. Twenty storage spaces let you conveniently pack things away. A slide-out drawer under the front seat keeps valuables safely out of sight. Even your sunglasses and umbrella have their own spaces.


Because this is an overview, some features mentioned may be standard across the range whilst others may be optional, extras or available only on selected models. Please refer to the full features and specifications for specific details or contact your Ford nearest showroom